Carpenter Ants, The Hidden Hazard Eating Your Home

Got a Carpenter Ant Problem? Call Allison Pest Today.
Got a Carpenter Ant Problem? Call Allison Pest Today.

When you see a large, black ant, it’s probably a carpenter ant because they’re the largest species of ants in the United States. Ranging from 1/4-3/4 inch long, these ants can cause damage to your home you may not know about until too late. Prevent damage with NJ Carpenter Ant Control that eliminates the pests and prevents further infestation.

Indications of carpenter ants

Carpenter ants damage wood and as they don’t usually nest in dry wood, this means the wood in your home is their preferred home. Indications of a carpenter ant infestation include seeing them inside and in severe cases, finding wood shaving piles beneath wooden items in your home. Hearing faint rustling noises inside walls and woodwork is another sign of carpenter ant infestation. If you see ants with wings come out from walls, crevices and ceilings, you probably have an infestation that requires NJ Carpenter Ant Control.

Carpenter ant nest locations

If you have wooden structures in your home that have existing damage from insects, this is a prime location for carpenter ants. Such areas include doorframes, wall voids, sinks, windows, bath traps and chimneys. With the right conditions, including moist wood and protection from predators, carpenter ants create nests and thrive. By the time you see the signs, it can be too late.

To prevent the invasion and damage from these pests, consult our professionals in NJ Carpenter Ant Control today.

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