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  • Research Shows City Life Creates New Pest Ecosystems

    It’s no secret that cities have plenty of rodents and insects around, but how did they get this way? Our pest control Monmouth NJ professionals want you to learn more about these pests, so you can better understand why they’ve become such a problem over the years. Urban Ecosystems The development of communities within cities […]

  • What Happens to Ants in Winter in New Jersey?

    Ants are typically a big problem when it’s warm out, but where do they go when it gets cold? While it’s unlikely that you’ll see ants in your home during winter, it’s still a good idea to know what they’re up to when they get cold. Our Monmouth County pest control experts offer the following […]

  • Water-Resistant Ant Bait in Testing at the USDA Research Center

    Some ants can be beneficial as long as they’re outside, but others can cause big problems. Fire ants, for example, have a painful bite and tend to go after people in large numbers. Baits for these ants haven’t changed much since they were first around in the 1960s, but scientists are working on improving them. […]

  • That Red Ant May Not Be a Fire Ant, But Rather a Red Pavement Ant

    Are your Ocean County pest control services coming prepared to battle the right bug? Those red ants lighting up your pavement like a scene from a horror movie may not be the fire ants you feared – but red pavement ants. Seeing Red? Food fanatics with a penchant for sweets, the red pavement ant sends […]

  • Interesting Insect Facts: Ants Do Battle with Termites

    Termites and ants are among the most common types of bugs that Monmouth County pest control services deal with. Both can cause damage to homes, but they don’t do so together. In fact, ants and termites are natural enemies and don’t get along at all. Scientists studying their behavior have found something fascinating about this […]

  • What Are Sugar Ants? Do You Have Them?

    Sugar ants are small ants that can cause big problems if they find a way into your home. Sugar ants get their name from their appetite for sweet foods, although they eat just about any other kind of food as well. Identifying Sugar Ants Sugar ants are small ants that can grow up to 0.6 […]