What Would Happen to a World Without Bugs – Thought for the Day

A World Without Bugs
A World Without Bugs

Ants, flies and other bugs prompt many NJ homeowners to seek help from Monmouth County pest control experts. While these bugs can be a headache for homeowners, the world would be in much worse shape if all of them disappeared.

A world without insects would affect all life on the planet. Bugs play a crucial role in ensuring that humans and animals have steady food supplies. Many species of birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals rely on bugs for their regular diet. Without bugs around, these species wouldn’t have enough food to survive, leading to extinction. While bugs aren’t a main part of the human diet, these creatures do help support crops and other foods that we eat.

Bees, butterflies and several other insect species help pollinate plants. Without pollination by bugs, most of these plants would die out, leading to a lower number of crops for us and higher levels of starvation. We also wouldn’t have insects around to get rid of dead and decaying plant and animal matter, which could lead to higher amounts of bacteria and other germs that cause illnesses and infections.

Although bugs have their uses, some can be a threat to you and your home. Contact Allison Pest Control if you have insect pests on your property. Our Monmouth County pest control professionals will get rid of them for you.