Avoiding Carpenter Ants With A NJ Pest Control Pro

The winter months bring about a definite calm when it comes to annoying household pests.  There are not endless amounts of spiders creeping around, the mosquitos appear to be dead and gone, the flies are gone, yellow jackets appear to have died off, and ticks are all in hiding…just to name a few.

Many types of ant species have also disappeared over the chilly winter months, but don’t be fooled by those pesky critters report NJ pest control professionals.  Ants have the ultimate survival skills.  You may not see them marching in your yard, porches, or walkways, but you can rest assured that all types of ant species are awaiting the arrival of spring to make their presence known once again!

Carpenter ants are one of the largest and most costly ants that a home or business owner can deal with.  Carpenter ants are typically black, but can also be different colors.  Unlike their arch enemy the termite, carpenter ants do not eat any wood substances.  They eat what humans eat, preferring sweets and proteins.  In addition, they are always on the hunt for moisture as they need it for survival.  Carpenter ants contaminate food surfaces and substances when they eat and travel from place to place and leave their droppings along the way.

Like termites, carpenter ants are considered to be a serious threat to homeowners because they can cause tremendous structural damage if left to their own devices.  These pests damage wood by tunneling their way through it and creating galleries for their young.  Because of their elusive behavior, carpenter ant nests often go unnoticed for an extensive period of time.  A tale-tell sign of a carpenter ant infestation is the sawdust that they leave behind that they push out of the nest.

Carpenter ant infestations should be taken very seriously.  Contact Allison Pest Control at the first sign of any carpenter ants in Monmouth, Ocean, or Middlesex County, New Jersey.