Some Ants Have a More Discriminating Palate

Ants like different things to eat based on the time of the year.

Having a discriminatory palate isn’t just for humans. In the case of ants, it’s good to have a game plan to ensure complete elimination. Allison Pest Control can help you make that happen by asking a few investigative questions.

What Time of Year?

Depending on time of year, ant colonies change their eating habits to better accommodate needs for the season. Spring and beginning summer months are prime breeding times, making protein a must for the ant colony In later summer months, ants’ lean toward carbohydrates, for energy boosters.

Which Species of Ant?

To eliminate ants with accuracy, knowing the species is crucial. While typically ants are meat eaters, different species crave different foods. For example, the Crazy and Pharaoh Ants enjoy sugars, proteins, and other insects–but the Pharaoh also enjoys oils. Understanding what ants are eating helps better treat the area of infestation. Being knowledgeable about the species of ant is how Allison Pest Control has served Monmouth County area for nearly 100 years.

Why Pre-Bait?

Prebaiting is effective in eradicating the colony. Strategically placing food sources (like peanut butter, honey or oil) on such things as index cards or tape can help you determine the favorite foods and actions of the ants, and may even lead you to the source of their breeding ground. Let Allison Pest Control give you answers to your pest problem–because we know how to ask the right questions.