Fall Pests That Plague New Jersey Residents

Fall Pests

Fall is upon us and along with the beautiful fall colors to brighten up the day, there’s also a down side. When fall arrives, so, too, does the hunt by summertime insects that fly, crawl, or sting, wily rodents, and others, to find the perfect residence to hunker down for the winter season.

Five Fall Pests


This group includes wasps, bees and yellow jackets. If you find a winter colony nesting under the eaves, contact the professionals at Allison to remove it to prevent injury to yourself.


The major pest in this group are germ-carrying flies looking for winter retreats and treats inside your home.


Ants are notorious for infiltrating the tiny crevice and making trails across countertops. During the winter, they, too, will be looking for warm surroundings and easy food sources.


Mice, rats, and squirrels are with us year-round. During the winter, these creative pests will go above and beyond finding a way inside your home to hibernate and/or create a warm home for adults and babies.


There are plenty of other bug species such as lady bugs, stink bugs, cockroaches, box elders, and more, that enjoy the warmth of the indoors versus freezing temperatures.

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