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Tiny Clover Mites – a Big New Jersey Fall Pest

Welcome New Jersey's Big Autumn Pest! Clover Mites are Out to Play... and Cause Chaos in Your Home.
Welcome New Jersey’s Big Autumn Pest! Clover Mites are Out to Play… and Cause Chaos in Your Home.

During fall, you might notice tiny red specks moving around on your home’s exterior. These small red pests, known as clover mites, can become a nuisance as the weather cools off. Our Ocean County pest control professionals want you to know more about these fall pests.

Clover Mite Behavior

Clover mites tend to gather on building exteriors that get a lot of sunshine, since this helps them stay warm. In many cases, these pests are seen on the sides of buildings that face south, west or southwest. These bugs can end up getting inside your home by crawling through tiny gaps around windows and doors. You might see them moving around your home’s interior near your windows or on curtains.

Clover Mites as Pests

Clover mites are more of a nuisance than a bigger threat. They don’t spread disease or bite humans or pets. They also don’t cause damage to building exteriors or interiors as other pests do. However, they can infest buildings in large numbers, which can make them harder to eliminate. Getting help from professional pest control experts is the most effective way to deal with clover mite infestations during the fall months.

If clover mites invade your home this fall, you can depend on our Ocean County pest control professionals for help. Contact Allison Pest Control to learn more about our pest control services in Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

What Do First Time Home Owners Need to Know About Fall Pests?

What Should First Time Homeowners Do About Fall Pests?
What Should First Time Homeowners Do About Fall Pests?

When you invest in a new home, it’s important to take steps to prevent pests from getting inside it. During fall, you’ll need to be even more vigilant than usual. Some kinds of bugs and rodents try to get into homes before the weather gets cold. Keep in mind that our Freehold exterminators are here to help if you end up with a pest problem in your home. Use these tips to lower the risk of a pest infestation this fall.

• Keep the kitchen clean
Cockroaches, mice and other pests enter kitchens in search of food. Keeping your kitchen floor, counters and sink as clean as possible helps keep these critters away. Sweep up crumbs and don’t leave food out.

• Use garbage cans with tight lids
Taking out your kitchen trash each day can keep pests at bay, but make sure your garbage cans have lids that fit tightly. This makes it harder for these pests to get into them.

• Seal up cracks and other entryways
Seal up gaps, cracks and openings around pipes and vents on the outside of your home. Close up cracks near doors and windows as well. This prevents bugs and rodents from getting inside your home.

If you have pests in your home, our Freehold exterminators can help. Contact Allison Pest Control to learn more about our services. We can help eliminate bugs, rodents and other pests in your home.

Tips on Getting Your Home Ready for Fall Pests

Keeping The Pests Out
Keeping The Pests Out

The arrival of cooler weather in fall doesn’t just keep people indoors more. Pests also look for warm places where they can safely spend the colder months. You can lower your risk of having bugs or rodents in your home this fall with these pest control tips.

• Look for cracks and gaps in your home’s exterior. If you find any, seal them up to prevent pests from getting in. Don’t forget to seal the gaps around pipes on the outside of your home.

• Keep stacks of firewood away from your home’s exterior to discourage termites, mice and other pests from getting close to your house. Firewood should be no closer than 20 feet away from your home.

• Put food in containers that pests can’t get into, such as plastic airtight ones. This helps keep pests from entering your home in search of food and sticking around if they find any. Also, empty your garbage on a regular basis to keep pests at bay.

• Replace damaged screens on your windows and doors. Pests can easily get in through rips or tears.

• Have a Freehold exterminator come to your home for a pre-winter inspection and to identify any vulnerabilities you may have.

If you do end up with a pest problem, contact Allison Pest Control for help. We’ll send a Freehold exterminator to your home to handle any pest infestations you have.

Fall Pests That Plague New Jersey Residents

Fall Pests

Fall is upon us and along with the beautiful fall colors to brighten up the day, there’s also a down side. When fall arrives, so, too, does the hunt by summertime insects that fly, crawl, or sting, wily rodents, and others, to find the perfect residence to hunker down for the winter season.

Five Fall Pests


This group includes wasps, bees and yellow jackets. If you find a winter colony nesting under the eaves, contact the professionals at Allison to remove it to prevent injury to yourself.


The major pest in this group are germ-carrying flies looking for winter retreats and treats inside your home.


Ants are notorious for infiltrating the tiny crevice and making trails across countertops. During the winter, they, too, will be looking for warm surroundings and easy food sources.


Mice, rats, and squirrels are with us year-round. During the winter, these creative pests will go above and beyond finding a way inside your home to hibernate and/or create a warm home for adults and babies.


There are plenty of other bug species such as lady bugs, stink bugs, cockroaches, box elders, and more, that enjoy the warmth of the indoors versus freezing temperatures.

If you’ve got pest problems, our experienced staff at Allison Pest Control have the answers. Give us a call, fax, or email us and we’ll set you up with a free pest inspection.

Are You Ready for Fall Invaders?

Spring Pests
Spring Pests

Every fall, Monmouth County, New Jersey home and business owners brace for the onslaught of three invasive insect pests looking for a warm place to spend the winter. Stink bugs, box elder bugs and Asian ladybird beetles overwinter in building soffits, attics, wall and ceiling voids.

In the fall, these insects may gather by the thousands on sunny exterior walls searching for a way indoors. In some neighborhoods, these pests can be so numerous that they coat siding, decks and patios and must be constantly swept away.

Stinky House Guests

These overwintering insects make unpleasant house guests. When startled or crushed, they emit a foul, lingering odor and can also stain fabrics and wallpaper with their excrement. As temperatures drop, these insects will seek shelter in wall voids, reappearing in the spring to return to the outdoors. However, warm winter days may bring these pests out of hiding to bask on sunny interior walls.

Top Overwintering Pests

  • Stink bugs. A significant agricultural pest, stink bugs cost New Jersey farmers millions of dollars each year. These insects have thin, shield-shaped bodies that allow them to slip through window and door frames. Usually dull brown or gray, stink bugs may also be green, blue or black.
  • Box elder bugs. Black with distinctive red or orange markings, box elder bugs feed on box elder, ash and maple trees but pose no threat to vegetation.
  • Asian ladybird beetles. Orange with black spots, these Asian transplants are beneficial agricultural pest deterrents but are so numerous they can overwhelm buildings in the fall.

Don’t let overwintering pests bug you. Call Allison Pest Control’s pest extermination experts for safe, effective pest control.

Top Pests New Jersey Fall Pests

Fall Pests
Fall Pests

As the weather changes in the fall, New Jersey homeowners face different pests that are more likely to intrude in colder weather. Fall pests in the Monmouth and Ocean County area include a variety of crawling and flying bugs and vermin—some which you can try to control on your own, and some presenting infestations that call for NJ pest control services.

Here are the species of fall pests to look for in NJ:

  • Stink bugs. These annoying insects go dormant in the winter, so they come inside during the fall for shelter. Swatting them releases an unpleasant smell, hence the name.
  • Spiders. In a garden, spiders can be a blessing in your garden, but nobody likes them inside. Besides common house spiders, more dangerous species like the brown recluse and black widow can be found in the area. Call for pest control if you spot one!
  • Boxelder bugs. These tree-eating insects are black with orange-red outlining on their backs. Boxelder bugs don’t attack or carry diseases but they eat plants and their droppings can stain certain surfaces.
  • Cluster flies. These large flies with yellow furry hairs tend to become an invasive nuisance in the fall.
  • Rodents. Mice and other small mammals begin looking for winter homes. Seal all openings that you can and put birdseed and pet foods in airtight containers, and call for pest control when necessary.

Be prepared to call Allison Pest Control if you spot these autumn invaders. Even homeowners who rarely have pest problems may suddenly face an infestation as these creatures come inside to avoid the colder weather.