The Ant & Wasp Connection

Ants To Wasps
Ants To Wasps

When you think of ants and wasps, like many people, you probably don’t see a connection. For years researchers didn’t see a connection either, until a study that was done in 2013 revealed that the two probably had more in common than anyone originally thought.

DNA Testing

Through a long series of DNA testing and genetic sequencing, researchers at the University of California were able to pinpoint which of the hundreds of species of wasps and bees seemed to have the closest genetic makeup to the ant. They found that their closest relative was actually the mud dauber wasp.

Similarities of the Mud Dauber Wasp and Ants

The more scientists studied the two insects, the easier it was to find the connection. Many of their behaviors seemed to be very similar, including the way both insects will lay eggs within tubes of mud, and then capture prey to bring back to the new babies. Both insects grow and help their mother raise and protect new babies.

There are thousands of species of ants, and history has shown that they are capable of adapting to their surroundings. Ants have evolved considerably. Some of them can even fly.

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