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  • Plan Ahead to Termite-Proof Your NJ Home with Our Tips

    When termites get into your home, they can cause a tremendous amount of damage that costs a lot to repair. In addition to having NJ pest control services help you prevent these pests from getting in, you should also make sure you’re not making it easier for termites to invade. Clean Your Gutters Having gutters […]

  • Do Centipedes Bite or Sting?

    Centipedes are pests that are pretty common to the State of New Jersey. You may come across them in your home, but don’t be too alarmed. It is possible for centipedes to bite, but again, there isn’t much that you need to be concerned about. However, you should know what to do if you do […]

  • Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About the German Cockroach

    German cockroaches are among the most common pests in New Jersey. You’ve probably seen these brown bugs running around near garbage cans outdoors, but they’re often seen inside homes as well. Keep the following facts about these pests in mind, and don’t hesitate to seek help from Monmouth County pest control experts if you see […]

  • Worker Ants’ Secret Lives Explained

    Ant colonies exemplify an admirable social order that works with a smoothness and efficiency that is unmatched in any other species. With a mere brain the size of a poppy seed, these impressive creatures build nests, forage for food, organize scouting missions, protect and nurture their young, and do it all without the “benefit” of […]

  • Facts About Ant Colonies and Propagation by Budding

    Ants are among the planet’s most successful species. Adaptable and prolific with highly evolved survival instincts, ants are a formidable foe when they invade Monmouth County, New Jersey homes and businesses. No Such Thing as One Ant Ants live in massive social colonies where each ant’s role in the colony is well defined. Depending on the […]

  • Five Fun Facts About Drug Store Beetles

    Drug store beetles, also known as biscuit or bread beetles, are part of a class of pantry pests widely known for the destruction of processed and packaged goods. These tiny brown beetles, about 1/10-1/7 inch long in size, have an array of interesting features: 1. They are packed with B vitamins. Literally. The beetles are […]