Camel Back Crickets Can Really Freak You Out!

If you have ever opened up your shed or peaked into your crawl space, the sight of camel back crickets would surely make you jump.  Camel back crickets, also known as cave crickets, have an odd looking appearance due to the slightly protruding hump on their back.  The legs on these nuisance pests are longer and stand taller than the typical cricket that people see roaming about.  It is not uncommon for these pests to be confused with spiders.

Besides looking strange, cave crickets are known for jumping great distances, often times towards people or animals.  This jumping could be a sign of aggression or it could be because of their unique eyesight which appears to the cricket as if it is jumping away, when in fact the insect is jumping towards what it is trying to escape from.

Camel back crickets are attracted to areas that are dark and damp.  These areas provide the crickets with the water, mold and fungus which they need for survival.  Once camel back crickets have an established area to live in, they will reproduce very quickly.

The cold winter months or the hot dry summertime will drive these creatures indoors into cool, dark basements.  Because they don’t chirp, homeowners don’t typically know that these crickets have moved inside until the population is bursting out-of-control.

It is important to contact a Monmouth County, NJ exterminator at the first sign of these pests to stop their reproduction cycle.  Having regular pest control treatments will provide your home with a protective barrier to keep these and all other types of pests out.