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  • Why Cave Crickets Love Your Basement

    Many pest control companies in Freehold are used to dealing with ants, mice and other common pests, but did you know that crickets can be a nuisance as well? Cave crickets are a type of cricket that are often found in basements. Here’s why these pests are typically seen in this kind of environment. Strong […]

  • Cave Crickets…What Are They?

    Unlike crickets that find themselves trapped inside of the wall of your home, keeping you up at night as they chirp away, the cave cricket is a strange type of cricket.  Cave crickets are also known as “spider crickets” and “camel crickets”.  All three of their names fit them perfectly because of their appearance as […]

  • Camel Back Crickets Can Really Freak You Out!

    If you have ever opened up your shed or peaked into your crawl space, the sight of camel back crickets would surely make you jump.  Camel back crickets, also known as cave crickets, have an odd looking appearance due to the slightly protruding hump on their back.  The legs on these nuisance pests are longer […]

  • Why So Many Crickets In New Jersey?

    The sound of crickets chirping outdoors may bring solace to some people as it brings about feelings of peace and security on the home front.  The problem arises when crickets decide that coming indoors in more fun than living outside.  Crickets and their never-ending nighttime singing can be maddening for New Jersey homeowners report Monmouth […]

  • Scientists Believe Global Warning Has Brought An Increase In Plant Eating Insects

    The summer of 2011 brought about numerous complaints by New Jersey residents to many pest control companies throughout New Jersey about an increase of insects eating more than their normal share of a variety of outdoor plants.  Notwithstanding the voracious appetite of the pesky stink bugs that have taken over the eastern seaboard in recent […]

  • Camel Back Crickets Will Creep You Out

    Camel back crickets are known by different names.  Sometimes called cave crickets or spider crickets, these creatures are not a pest you want to have around your house.  Reproducing very quickly, camel back crickets thrive in damp, cave like environments.  Basements and crawl spaces are perfect places for them to set up house.  Camel back […]