Pavement Ants Like To Make NJ Homes Their Home

When spending time outdoors many New Jersey residents may notice small mounds of dirt or sand that appear in between bricks, in driveway cracks, or along the seams of cement slabs.  While the mounds of dirt that appear may look small, they are a clear indication that the small brown or black pavement ants are hard at work building a colony below the surface.

Known for being territorial, pavement ants often invade other colonies in their quest to conquer their neighbors.   Humans or pets that happen to stand on or near the mound or trail of pavement ants are often alerted to their presence by the piercing bites that the ants will deliver.

Although unpleasant outdoors, an indoor invasion of pavement ants can be a challenge to eradicate report Monmouth County, NJ exterminators.  Considered to be nuisance pests, pavement ants will enter a home trough small cracks and crevices, gaps in the foundations, unsealed windows, and gaps in doors.

Pavement ants have a vast appetite for human food once they come indoors.  These pests will consume cheese, nuts, grease, and meat.  In addition, pavement ants have a sweet tooth and will also devour spilled juice or soda, cakes, candy, or ice cream.  Like many other types of pests, pavement ants will contaminate all types of surfaces and food products that they travel through.

New Jersey homes provide an excellent place for pavement ants to build massive nests inside of walls, behind cabinets, and in insulation.  Despite being a soil based ant species, the warmth of a heated NJ home can attract these pavement ants year round. Effective eradication of these pests, as well as other ants in New Jersey, can be obtained by hiring a Monmouth County, NJ exterminator like Allison Pest Control.