The Odorous House Ant…More Than A Stinky Pest

Pest control experts in Ocean County, NJ report that many residents have complained of high numbers of ant populations this year.

The odorous house ant typically resides outdoors and will build nests in a variety of different locations.  Seeking areas in the soil, you can find these large nests buried under stones, patio blocks, landscape timbers, and mulching and/or mulching plastic.  The resourceful crew of the odorous house ants will not hesitate to utilize any other random object that is left unattended covering the soil, to build a nest.  A random piece of wood, a child’s toy, a flower pot, or even a container of pesticide will provide the perfect cover for these creatures.

Odorous house ants mate in the months of June and July.  It’s at this time that you will see winged female and male reproductives leave the nesting site and fly off to begin a new nest.  Once they find a suitable location, the males and females bite their wings off and begin excavation.  After mating occurs, a short while later, death follows for the male and babies arrive for the female and the new colony is underway.

Odorous house ants are attracted to honeydew and insects while  foraging outdoors.  When supplies are low, these pests will venture indoors and will set up satellite nests in wall voids, under floorboards, and behind baseboards.  Indoors they will seek out sweets, meats, and even pet food.

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