Beware Of The Invasion Of The Fleas

Anyone who has ever suffered from having fleas in their house can tell you that the experience can drive you mad!  Their constant need for blood and their ability to infest every type of fabric based piece of furniture will make sleeping nearly impossible.  Carpets are one of their favorite areas to nest and hang out and wait for their next victim.

Unlike bed bugs which hide in the cracks and crevices and wait until you are asleep, fleas will bite you at any time of the day or night.  These hungry buggers are on the constant hunt for a warm blooded host as they transform themselves from one life stage into another.  They do not care if their host is your favorite pooch, feline, adult, or baby learning to walk.  Even a stray rodent living in your house is fair game to this hungry bloodsucker report pest control professionals in Ocean Country, NJ.

A flea can live up to 100 days.  A pair of fleas can produce as many as 500 offspring in their lifetime so it’s easy to see how a flea infestation can quickly get out-of-control.

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