NJ Ants Love Early Springtime Too

The warmer winter temperature brought in an earlier spring for most areas of the United States.  Despite a few colder days, and even some snow showers in some areas, pests have already emerged, hatched, or awoken from their long winter slumber.  Most people love springtime.  Besides the explosion of tree, grass, and flower pollen, one of the things that people dread in the springtime months is the onslaught of creepy crawly insects and rodents.

Pest control experts in Ocean County, NJ report that they are receiving an enormous amount of telephone calls from NJ residents who are already experiencing mounds of ants in their lawns and gardens as well as ant invasions inside their homes.

The development and population of a variety of insects, including ants, are affected by the temperature variations.  Seasonal temperature changes can affect insect behavior.  Most pests tend to thrive during the spring, summer and fall.  Once a chill sets in, most pests tend to die off or disappear.  When the warmth returns, pests magically return as well!

There is no need to fret over a new ant colony infestation or a line of worker ants that have made their way inside your home or business for a bite to eat.  A pest control technician in Ocean County, NJ will be able to provide proper identification and eradication services for all types of ants, even wood destroying carpenter ants.  Don’t forget to check out the incredible information on a variety of pests that is available on our website.  There you will find important information on all types of annoying pests.