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  • Mouse, Rat, and Rodent Proofing It’s Time to Get Busy!

    Now that the weather is getting colder, rats, mice and other rodents will be looking for warm places to stay through winter. This could end up being your NJ home if you don’t take steps to rodent proof it beforehand. Our Monmouth County pest control experts offer the following tips on protecting your home from […]

  • EPA Weighs In On the Use of Dry Ice for Rat Abatement

    Warmer winters have led to an increase in rat populations, which has led to city governments taking steps to address this problem. However, the methods they’re using have come under fire from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Dry Ice in Big Cities New York, Chicago, Boston and other big cities have tried using dry ice […]

  • Keep Rodents Out of Your NJ Home This Spring

    Mice and rats are more likely to enter NJ homes as the weather gets warmer and they become more active. Whether looking for food, water or shelter, these rodents can be dangerous to have in your home. Rats and mice can spread harmful germs by biting or leaving feces around. Taking steps to prevent them […]

  • Rodents Stuck In the Wall Will Create a Stinky Mess

    Animals that live outdoors instinctively know that in a short period of time, New Jersey weather will be downright freezing, report Monmouth County NJ exterminators. There are many different types of rodents and wild animals that are nimble enough to accidentally (or not so accidentally) find their way inside of a home.  Squirrels, rats, mice, […]

  • Mice Need A Warm Place To Live Too

    Fall is the time of year when many types of outdoor animals begin to look for a warm place to bed down for the cold New Jersey winter months.  Mice are one of the types of rodents that NJ homeowners must work to prevent entry into their home and work to rid their home of […]

  • Leave the NJ Rat Eradication To The Pros

    The Norway Rat (otherwise known as the Brown Rat) and the Roof Rat (otherwise known as the Black Rat) are the most common rats that you will find in North America.  They may seem to be harmless when they are sitting in a corner with no place to scurry off to, but don’t be fooled […]