Mice Need A Warm Place To Live Too

Fall is the time of year when many types of outdoor animals begin to look for a warm place to bed down for the cold New Jersey winter months.  Mice are one of the types of rodents that NJ homeowners must work to prevent entry into their home and work to rid their home of the pests if the critters happen to find their way inside.

How do mice come inside?

Mice will take advantage of any crack, crevice, breach in foundation, or holes that they encounter as they are scoping out a home.  Their tiny structure and their ability to squeeze into spaces that are much smaller than their size makes entry easy even for a full-grown mouse.  Mice will also squeeze under doors that are not properly sealed as well as windows that do not close properly.  Another entry point for mice that is surprising to most people is through the sewer line.  Sewer mice are able to climb up through the sewer pipes, through household plumbing and then into any home.

How do I keep mice out?

Homeowners should inspect their home for cracks or crevices as each season changes.  Seal all cracks, crevices, and holes with cement or metal as mice can easily bite through other materials.

Mice can transmit dangerous diseases to humans so it is imperative to contact a Monmouth County NJ exterminator at the first sign of mice in your New Jersey home.  The technicians at Allison Pest Control have the skills and training to fully eradicate home invading mice.