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Stop Ants With A NJ Pest Control Professional

The Garden State is host to several species of ants that live both outside and inside of homes.  Living outdoors, not bothering the structure of a building or the humans that inhabit it is what makes living near some of these bugs acceptable.  Ants serve an important part in nature.  They are scavengers that prey upon both live and dead bugs.

Some ant species are attracted to sugary substances and others are attracted to protein substances.  All ant species need a good source of moisture to survive as well.  You will often find invading ants in the kitchen area because of the ample supply of food tidbits that are available.

Most do-it-yourself type ant baits that you will find will leave you wishing for a better treatment option.  Spraying the trails of invading ants may seem like victory, but in the temporary remedy of killing those surface ants often times makes the ant infestation worsen when the rest of the invaders split up to set up many satellite colonies.  So instead of one nest that you are dealing with, you now have many nests to deal with.

The most common ant species that you will find in New Jersey are carpenter ants, the Pharaoh ants, odorous house ants, and pavement ants.  Each of these types of ant species can be found nesting outdoors in the soil, tree stumps, bushes, leaf litter, mulch, and other moist locations.  It is not uncommon for them to enter a structure when they discover a new food source that suits their fancy.

Hiring a New Jersey pest control professional is the fastest way to get rid of all types of ant home and business invaders.  Experienced pest management technicians are trained to thoroughly inspect and then provide chemical methods to control any ants that have made their way into your living space.

Year-Round Pests Continue To Plague NJ Residents


Pavement Ants
Pavement Ants

NJ Pest Control professionals encounter all types of pests during the warm summer months.  Once the weather begins to turn frigid, many once active insects die off or make their way into locations to spend the cold winter months.  Some pests are alive and well hiding under siding, wall voids, in attics, under leaf litter, or deep underground.  Unbeknownst to some New Jersey residents, different pests may even enter homes to seek shelter from the chilly temperatures.

The few warmer days on the east coast have brought some stink bugs out of their winter hiding spots.  New Jersey residents have found sporadic stink bugs basking in the warmth of the sun on window sills and walls or bouncing around light fixtures.  The first signs of spring will certainly bring these stinky pests back out in full force and residents should be prepared to call a NJ Pest Control professional to kill off the buggers.

Ants continue to be a problem pest for many New Jersey residents.  Hiding under leaf litter, these pests are easily disturbed by the blower or rake.  Once disturbed, they are often found marching into New Jersey homes looking for food and a new place to make their nests.

Mice can withstand the cold New Jersey winters in the nesting sites they make outdoors, but given the opportunity to join our human habitats is an invitation that they often cannot refuse.  Seeking warmth, shelter, food and water, mice will not leave your home once they have moved indoors.  To make matters worse, these pesky invaders leave a pheromone trail to other mice inviting them to join them in your abode.  A single pair of fertile mice will multiply out-of-control before the winters end.  Besides being dirty, mice are known to transmit various diseases to humans.  Mice infestations should be handled by a licensed pest control expert.

For expert pest eradication services in Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex Counties, New Jersey, contact Allison Pest Control.

Could Other Pests Be The Key To Killing Bed Bugs?

NJ Pest Control professionals treat all kinds of troublesome pests throughout the state.  According to the National Pest Management Association’s 2011 Bugs Without Borders Survey it was revealed that 73 percent of the respondents queried reported that bed bugs are the most difficult pest to eradicate?

Some people may contend that the use of DDT and some other types of powerful pesticides that are no longer in use, in past years nearly wiped out bed bugs from America’s landscape.  The reality is that we never really killed them all so many years ago.  Bed bugs still existed, definitely in smaller numbers.  The survivors were forced to evolve and become resistant to the pesticides that nearly wiped them out.  The survivors mutated into a kind of bed bug super bug that we know today.  These bugs are resistant to current pesticides, have a thicker exoskeleton, and have changed their genetic makeup as well.

Using regular pest control services absolutely has its benefits.  We humans have become accustomed to living without annoying pests in our midst.  In our effort to kill bed bugs, we have also inadvertently eliminated other species of bugs inside our homes that find bed bugs to be a tasty treat.  The Pharaoh ant is a widespread problem on every continent except Antarctica. Here in the United States, pest control professionals have done a fantastic job at eliminating invading Pharaoh ants from our homes, much to the delight of any bed bugs you might have.  Pharaoh ants are so adept at eating bed bugs that it has been noted that those amazing little ants cleared a camp in Meridian, Mississippi of bed bugs in a single day during the Civil War.

Argentine ants, fire ants, marked assassins, and spiders all find bed bugs to be a delicious meal.  These insects are part of the food chain of life, just like we humans are for bed bugs.  The difficult part is to balance how much pesticide to use so we can live comfortably with beneficial insects.  Nobody wants a house filled with fire ants, nor do they want a house filled with bed bugs.  It’s a difficult balance and one that a NJ Pest Control professional like Allison Pest Control can handle with ease.

NJ Pest Control Experts Welcome Spring…And Insects!

Humans are not the only creatures that are anxious to say good-bye to the frosty temperatures and snow covered grounds of New Jersey.  The cold winter weather is great for keeping unwanted pests away…at least that is what Mother Nature would like us to think!  NJ pest control experts report that some insects die off with the onset of winter, some go deep underground where they can escape the harsh New Jersey temperatures, and some pests seek shelter inside NJ homes, waiting for the first sign of spring to make a run back outdoors.

Warmer springtime weather is the trigger for the swift reproduction of many insect species throughout New Jersey.  NJ pest control experts warn residents to be on the look-out for the Eastern Subterranean Termite. Once termite colonies have reached full capacity, termite swarmers will venture to the surface from their underground nests to pair off and form new satellite colonies.  NJ residents may notice pools of swarming termites in grassy areas, alongside pavement or near the building foundation during the months of March through May.  Swarming termites are a sign of a serious termite infestation which requires the expert services of a New Jersey pest control professional.

NJ pest control experts say that other insects will also become troublesome for NJ residents as the springtime weather arrives.  Look for an increase in stink bugs, cockroaches, houseflies, bed bugs, wasps, bees, fleas, ticks, earwigs, crickets, lady bugs, spiders, mosquitos, and ants (all types).

Allison Pest Control is ready to meet your pest control needs head on.  Each of our technicians is certified by the State of New Jersey and has current applicator license.  For expert NJ pest control services in Monmouth County, Ocean County, are parts of Middlesex County, contact Allison Pest Control.

Odorous House Ants Can Stink Up The Joint

Odorous house ants can be found throughout the United States.  In most instances you will find the odorous house ant on the exterior of your New Jersey home or business.  These ants receive their name by the disagreeable odor that is emitted when the worker ants are squished.  The odorous house ant smells similar to rotting coconuts when smashed.

Odorous house ants are most commonly found nesting outdoors in shallow soil under debris, mulch, logs, loose bark, stones or other items left in the yard.  They prefer to live in moist or warm areas regardless of if they are on the interior or exterior of a structure.  These ants tend to travel the same trails over and over as they forage for food.  Their favorite food source is the sweet honeydew that is produced by plant sap feeding insects such as mealybugs, scale insects, and aphids. Female odorous ants will lay one egg daily.  The size of the colony can range from 100 ants to up to 10,000 ants.

If you find a few odorous house ants in your New Jersey home or business, it is likely that these ants are on the hunt for food.  If you find winged swarmers inside your house, or are constantly seeing odorous house ants in your home or business, it is an indication that you have an indoor infestation on your hands.  Odorous house ant infestations on the interior of your home can be found in wall voids, floor voids, behind paneling, under carpeting and near hot water pipes.

A licensed pest control specialist will be able to locate the origin of the ants so that proper treatment can commence.  If you have odorous house ants making a home in your yard or traveling to the indoors, call Allison Pest Control today.