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  • The Day in the Life of a Mouse: Why Rodents Move Indoors

    Many mice live outdoors, but some find their way into residential homes and cause a wide range of problems. What is a typical day like for a mouse? Knowing more about these critters can help you understand why you might have to get pest control in Monmouth County if they get into your home. Feeding […]

  • Mice Close Down a Theater In Long Island. What Business Owners Should Know

    Mice are a serious health risk for the general public, so their presence can easily cause businesses to temporarily close down. A dine-in AMC movie theater on Long Island experienced this problem last summer. Learn more about why you’ll need prompt pest control in Monmouth County if you have mice. Mice at the Movie Theater […]

  • Is There a Mouse in Your House? Signs to Look Out For

    Mice are able to cause a lot of problems for homeowners in NJ, making it important to find infestations and deal with them promptly. How do you know if you need Monmouth County mouse control at your home? Watch for the following signs that you might have a mouse problem. Droppings Some areas of your […]

  • Keep Your Home and Business Safe from the New Jersey House Mouse

    House mice are around all year long, but they can become more of a problem as it gets colder outside. These rodents typically look for warmer areas to build their nests and spend the winter, which can mean homes and businesses. Having easy access to food and water sources also makes residential and commercial buildings […]