The Day in the Life of a Mouse: Why Rodents Move Indoors

House Mice Can Get Into Just About Anything
House Mice and Rats Can Get Into Just About Anything

Many mice live outdoors, but some find their way into residential homes and cause a wide range of problems. What is a typical day like for a mouse? Knowing more about these critters can help you understand why you might have to get pest control in Monmouth County if they get into your home.

Feeding Habits

Mice spend a good part of their time searching for food. Deer mice and other mice that are outside often go around collecting berries, seeds, insects and other sources of food for themselves and their young. When it’s cold, these sources of food can become scarce, making it harder for mice to find enough to eat.

Moving Indoors

Why do mice look for ways to get into people’s homes? In addition to needing more food, mice also want to get out of the cold and stay away from predators. This can cause them to search for gaps and other openings that allow them to get inside.

Once they’re inside, they’ll look for a warm place to nest. During the night, these rodents come out of hiding to look for crumbs and other sources of food inside homes. They also look for sources of water.

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