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  • Three Things You May Not Know About Box Elder Bugs

    Box elder bugs are just one of the many fall and winter pests homeowners need to be concerned about, especially as the weather begins to change. Today we’d like to take a more in-depth look at these bugs and talk about a few things you might not have known about them. Fact #1: They Prefer […]

  • Another Overwintering Pest Loves NJ Homes

    The boxelder bug is one insect that is not often seen by most people throughout the spring and summer.  These black and orange colored bugs with red markings are about ½ of an inch long and.  Nymph boxelder bugs can easily be seen during all stages of its growth due to its bright red coloring.  […]

  • Scientists Believe Global Warning Has Brought An Increase In Plant Eating Insects

    The summer of 2011 brought about numerous complaints by New Jersey residents to many pest control companies throughout New Jersey about an increase of insects eating more than their normal share of a variety of outdoor plants.  Notwithstanding the voracious appetite of the pesky stink bugs that have taken over the eastern seaboard in recent […]

  • That Black And Red Bug Is A Box Elder Bug!

    As the weather begins to turn from warm and sunny to cold and gloomy, many of the once outdoor problem pests are working their way toward New Jersey homes and businesses.  These creepy crawlers are searching for a warm spot to spend the cold winter months in hopes of surviving until next spring.  One of […]