Another Overwintering Pest Loves NJ Homes

The boxelder bug is one insect that is not often seen by most people throughout the spring and summer.  These black and orange colored bugs with red markings are about ½ of an inch long and.  Nymph boxelder bugs can easily be seen during all stages of its growth due to its bright red coloring.  After they emerge from overwintering, boxelder bugs will initially feed on the ground and then move onto a female seed bearing boxelder tree in July.  Most boxelder bugs will remain undisturbed in the tree feeding and laying eggs.  Boxelder bugs also may choose to live on maple or ash trees.  No trees are ever harmed by these insects.

Like other insects, boxelder bugs will seek out a place to spend the winter months in the fall to escape the cold weather.  They are especially attracted to warmth.  Homes with a western or southern exposure are particularly desirable.  Like other types of insects, boxelder bugs will push their way into cracks or crevices, crawl through unsecured screens, crawl through doors with damaged seals, or creep into the attic.  Once inside a protected area, they will remain throughout the winter until the warmth of spring draws them back out again.

Boxelder bugs are not dangerous, but they will stain walls, curtains, and furniture if they make it from their overwintering spots into the interior of your home.  It is recommended that you hire a Monmouth County, NJ exterminator to keep these pests from coming inside during the early fall.