Three Things You May Not Know About Box Elder Bugs

The Box Elder Bug
The Box Elder Bug

Box elder bugs are just one of the many fall and winter pests homeowners need to be concerned about, especially as the weather begins to change. Today we’d like to take a more in-depth look at these bugs and talk about a few things you might not have known about them.

Fact #1: They Prefer Trees Until Winter Strikes

Trees are home to box elder bugs, and they prefer maple trees or box elder trees, which is where they get their name. However, these are hibernating insects, and if your house is is close by, don’t be surprised when you start to see them inside.

Fact #2: They Tend to Invade in Numbers

One of the most alarming things about these pests is that they invade by the thousands at times. This is what prompts most people to contact a NJ pest control specialist.

Fact #3: They Won’t Cause Damage to Trees

Although they feed on the leaves of your maple or box elder trees, you don’t have to worry that they’ll cause any significant, lasting damage.

As your NJ pest control specialist, we understand how you’ll feel if and when box elder bugs decide to take up residence in your house and yard, even if they’re not dangerous to your health. If you’d like us to do an inspection of your home and rid you of these pests, please contact us.

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