Why One Ant Indicates There May be Thousands Hidden

If You're Not Careful, These Little Guys Will Sneak Into Your Home!
If You’re Not Careful, These Little Guys Will Sneak Into Your Home!

Finding an ant crawling around on your floor or countertop might just be a temporary nuisance, but it may hint at a much bigger problem. The last thing you want is an ant infestation, but if you do have one, you need to have it immediately removed by our Freehold exterminators team at Allison Pest Control.

Some carpenter ants can find their way into your home purely by accident, usually by finding a small hole in your drywall to crawl through. Carpenter ants live in wooden structures by burrowing, sort of like termites, but without eating the wood itself. This causes structural damage that can cost you a fortune to repair.

Freehold exterminators have seen many cases of carpenter ant damage, but most of the time, the call only comes in after it’s too late. Ants in the visible places of your home might mean that they have only just started to work their way into your wood structures. It’s more common to see these ants as fall approaches and temperatures start cooling off. Having them taken care of quickly can prevent the vast majority of damage. Setting bait traps outside can eliminate colonies that are thriving around your home’s exterior.

To learn more about how carpenter ants can get into your home and how to stop them, give us a call at 1-800-564-4585. Our experts can help take care of ant infestations and prevent them from happening again in the future.