Inside the Fascinating World of Ant Colonies

Let Us Help You Rid Your Residence of Ants!
Let Us Help You Rid Your Residence of Ants!

Ants are a common reason for homeowners to seek help from NJ pest control professionals. These small insects can be a big nuisance inside homes because they’re so hard to get rid of. That’s because ants have impressive, well-organized colonies that can move on if disturbed. Here’s some interesting information on the different species of ants.

Dr. James Wetterer, a professor at Florida Atlantic University and expert on ants, has studied these bugs since 1984. Over the years, Prof. Wetterer has made some fascinating discoveries. For example, of 25 known species of ants on the island of Bermuda, two are abundant and have been battling for dominance. These turf battles are taking place between the Argentine ant and the big-headed ant from Africa. So far, the Argentine ants are in the lead.

Prof. Wetterer has studied ants in 118 countries around the world and even has a species named after him. This species, known as the Megalomymex Wettereri, is a type of neotropical ant. While most people regard ants as nothing more than pests, Dr. Wetterer points out that they perform important ecological functions, such as getting rid of garbage.

While the study of ants may be fascinating, having them in your home is definitely not good news. Contact Allison Pest Control to get rid of these pests. We provide reliable NJ pest control services for homeowners in Monmouth County.