How to Prevent a Wasp Attack

Afraid a Wasp Infestation May Be Occurring? We Can Help!
Afraid a Wasp Infestation May Be Occurring? We Can Help!

Wasps are one of the most dreaded pests to have on your property. Some species swarm when they attack, resulting in dozens of painful stings. It’s important to lower your risk of wasp attacks by doing the following.

• Don’t wear anything scented. Wasps are sometimes drawn to the smell of perfume, lotion, soap or cologne. When you’re going to be in a place where wasps are likely, skip the scented products.

• Watch for nests. Some wasps have nests in the ground, making them hard to spot. Stay away from areas in the ground where you see them flying in and out, since it usually means there’s a nest nearby. Wasps will sting when their nests are disturbed.

• Stay calm. If a wasp lands on you, remain calm until it leaves. If you’re too nervous to do that, gently move it away with some paper.

• Keep your shoes on. Don’t walk barefoot in patches of clover or areas with ground cover that is in bloom.

• This summer, keep these tips in mind anytime you’re outdoors, whether it’s in your yard or at a local park. Wasps are a common problem that our NJ pest control professionals deal with all the time.

• Don’t take the risk of handling a wasp problem on your own. Let our NJ pest control experts take care of it instead. Call Allison Pest Control for safe and reliable wasp nest removals.