Don’t Have the Termite Home from Hell – Get a Quality Termite Treatment

NJ Termite Pests
NJ Termite Pests

Having dependable NJ termite control is one of the best ways to stop infestations from becoming worse. When things go wrong with pest control, they can create conditions that allow termites to thrive. These are just a few examples of what can happen.

Missed Signs of Activity

One house in the southeastern U.S. ended up with a termite infestation that was severe enough to render the home a total loss. Although the owners had annual inspections done, none of these showed signs of termite activity. However, a more experienced pest control professional would have recognized termite activity in the home’s structural lumber.

Only Checking Outdoor Bait Stations

Another home sustained significant damage after termites infested it without being detected. Technicians set bait stations inside the home and around the outside of it, but they only checked the outdoor ones. The home ended up with termite mud tubes sticking out of walls and ceilings as these pests took over the interior.

Ineffective Pest Control

One family narrowly escaped serious injury when a bedroom ceiling caved in due to a termite infestation. Technicians set bait stations out, but they did not follow up. Termites thrived in the home and eventually caused the ceiling to collapse, though luckily no one was hurt.

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