Fun Fact: Amber Has Trapped Prehistoric Insects


Prehistoric Insects
Prehistoric Insects

ermites, cockroaches and other insect pests are a common reason for NJ residents to seek help from Monmouth County pest control experts. While you might not appreciate seeing these insects inside your home, it’s fascinating to think about how long some of these species have been around. Some types of insects have been on Earth for millions of years, as scientists have discovered.

Researchers have found a few specimens of prehistoric insects that have been preserved in amber. The specimens, which were found in Spain, Lebanon and Myanmar, were small mantises. Researchers are using these discoveries to learn more about these species. The mantises have been stuck in amber since the Cretaceous period, which was more than 65.5 million years ago. In fact, these specimens date back even further than that. The mantis found in Myanmar is around 97 million years old, while the one found in Spain is 105 million years old. The mantis found in Lebanon is roughly 128 million years old and belongs to a known species. In contrast, the other two mantises belong to newly discovered species. Scientists are studying these species to learn more about how they might be associated with termite and cockroach evolution.

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