What Happens to Wasps When It Gets Cold?

What Happens to Wasps During Winter

Wasps are a common sight when it’s warm out, but what happens during the colder part of the year? Do you still need to worry about these stinging insects?

Paper wasps, which are found throughout NJ, usually don’t make it through winter. Most of these wasps die during the cold season, except for those that end up becoming new queens. These wasps are able to handle the cold by keeping themselves protected from it in convenient locations, such as in cracks in a home’s foundation or under tree bark. They create a nest in their chosen spot and remain there until spring arrives.

Since most wasps do not live through winter, do you need to have any you find on your property eliminated? In most cases, these wasps can be left alone, but keep in mind that their paper nests should be removed in a safe manner. Otherwise, new wasps might decide to turn those into their new home in spring, which could become a problem during the summer months. You can usually find paper wasp nests, which have an umbrella shape, on window frames, overhangs, shrubs and trees.

If you need a wasp nest on your property removed, let Allison Pest Control handle it. Our Monmouth County pest control experts know how to safely get rid of these nests and any remaining wasps, so you won’t have to worry about getting stung.