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  • Are Yellow Jackets Bees or Wasps?

    During the summer months, Monmouth County NJ pest control companies deal with yellow jackets and other stinging pests. Although you might hear yellow jackets referred to as bees, they’re actually not. These pests are a type of wasp. Yellow Jacket Identification Do you have honeybees or yellow jackets in your yard? You can tell yellow […]

  • What Happens to Wasps When It Gets Cold?

    Wasps are a common sight when it’s warm out, but what happens during the colder part of the year? Do you still need to worry about these stinging insects? Paper wasps, which are found throughout NJ, usually don’t make it through winter. Most of these wasps die during the cold season, except for those that […]

  • Plan Ahead: What to Do If You’re Attacked by Wasps?

    Welcome summer, a time of family picnics, vacations, exploring new places and being outside, soaking up the sun! Summer also brings out many different kinds of bugs and pests, one of those being wasps. When left alone, wasps are no threat to us. However, a mass attack can occur if their nest is disrupted. And, […]