What Are Ants Doing While We’re Sleeping?

NJ Ant Control
NJ Ant Control

While seeing ants in your home isn’t something to be happy about, these tiny creatures do have some fascinating habits that are interesting to learn about. Have you ever wondered what ants spend all night doing while you’re sound sleep in bed? These mainly nocturnal insects keep themselves very busy.

What each ant does depends on which caste it belongs to, such as worker or soldier. Worker ants spend a good part of their waking time foraging for food, which is why you’re more likely to see them out and about in the evening or at night. They bring food back to their colonies and send signals to other ants to let them know where to go for more food.

When they’re not busy gathering food, worker ants are hard at work building a complex network of tunnels to and from their nests. The amount of time it takes them to complete these tunnels depends on what species they belong to and how large the colony is. For example, fire ants usually have shallow nests and tunnels.

Soldier ants spend their time watching for danger and defending their queen and her eggs from intruders, while the queen ant’s main job is to lay fertilized eggs and help ensure their survival.

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