NJ Bed Bugs: Why You Should Remain Watchful

When it comes to bed bugs, out of sight should not be out of mind. These pesky blood-feeding insects may be less of a nuisance in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, NJ in the winter than they are during the summer; but that doesn’t mean you can let down your guard. As recent news reports of bed bug infestations prove, these blood-feeding pests are a year-round problem:

University of Washington dorms are under attack with four bed bug infestations reported over the past few months.

• A New Bedford, Massachusetts bank is battling a “very extensive” bed bug infestation that one employee said has been “going on for more than 8 months!”

• New York State employees working at an office in Lower Manhattan recently reported being “eaten alive” by bed bugs.

• Right here in New Jersey, elderly residents of a senior housing building in North Bergen, NJ in their fourth year of an ongoing bed bug infestation say they are “at their wit’s end.”

Bed bugs follow people. They feed on human blood and ride into homes, office buildings, hotels and other infestation sites hidden in suitcases, briefcases, clothing, backpacks and other possessions. Bed bugs are hard to eradicate because they don’t live on their human hosts. After feeding these insects scurry away to hide in nearby cracks and crevices or the luggage or backpack of their next victim who carries them home to start a new infestation.

Exterminating bed bugs requires the services of an expert bed bug exterminator NJ like Allison Pest Control. Always keep an eye out for bed bugs and call us for a free visual bed bug inspection if you think these pests have followed you home.