New Jersey Ants Won’t Stop Bugging You

When you see ants in your home, is your first pest control impulse to reach for the bug spray?

Bad idea

You might kill a few of the bugs with the spray, but you’re missing the bigger problem of infestation. When threatened by even the most powerful bug spray, ant colonies will split up.

Each little group will then breed to form a big new colony. This is known as budding, and it can multiply the number of ants in your home exponentially!

So how do you get rid of the little pests?

 Put away the bug spray and call in New Jersey’s pest control experts at Allison Pest Control. You’ll find a range of services designed to get ants out of your life for good:

  • A site visit to identify areas – like scattered debris, cracked foundation or leaking pipes – where ants might get access.
  • A poison-bait distribution that is harmless to you and your dog or cat, but deadly to ants that bring the bait back to the colony to feed.
  • And the comprehensive Home Pest Protection Plan to ensure your ongoing satisfaction.

What can you expect?

 After just one visit from Allison Pest Control, you will notice something missing from your home: ants. That means much more than just getting rid of unsightly pests – you’re also free from the germs they carry into your home that can affect your food and air quality.

Remember, ants don’t travel alone. Even if you see just one, it’s time to call in the eradication experts.