Do Bed Bugs Really Bite In A Row Of Three?

Bed bugs bites are normally not felt by those who are unlucky enough to encounter the pests. The bloodsuckers are rarely ever felt doing their dirty work and they kindly inject their victims with a numbing agent to keep their presence a secret.  Some people who are bitten by bed bugs suffer from wicked bite wounds while others that will be bitten do not show any problem with the pests in the slightest.

When people talk about receiving bed bug bites, they often report that they are bitten in rows of three.  Some people refer to these bites as “breakfast, lunch and dinner”.  When bed bugs bite they need approximately 10 minutes to feed completely.  They often bite their victims three times for about three minutes or so.   This is why bed bug bite wounds are often found in a row of three, but it should be noted that bite wounds can also be found in a cluster or even individually.  There is no set rule when it comes to bed bugs bites.

Lou Sorkin, an Entomologist, provided some great images of bed bugs feeding and explained why bed bug bites often occurred in a line or cluster.  According to his reports to on February 25, 2013, his research has shown that bed bugs do not need to crawl onto a person in order to feed.  A bed bug can crawl next to a person on the sheets or blankets and extend its proboscis into a small blood vessel of a sleeping person to feed.