Pharaoh Ants – A Do It Yourself Pest Nightmare

As the weather changes from warm to cold it’s not likely that you will see much ant activity on the outside of your home report Monmouth County, NJ pest control professionals. Pharaoh ants however are one type of ant that can be found frequenting food service establishments, hospitals, rest homes, and apartment buildings.

These sneaky ants are very small in size and yellow to reddish in color. They prefer to live indoors in hard to access areas. Once they have found a suitable living environment inside, they are quite difficult to gain control over without the help of a NJ pest control professional.

Pharaoh ants are often found living near areas that have a good amount of moisture. Toilets, sinks, house plants, window sills, dishwashers or a drippy pipe are places where pharaoh ants may choose to nest near. Pharaoh ants are not picky eaters as they will go after most any type of food source. Their favorite foods are fats and greases.

Eliminating a pharaoh ant nesting site is difficult as these ants have a tendency to sense danger and will quickly bud into new colonies when they are disturbed. The first step to effectively eradicating these pesky ants is to vigorously clean all areas where pharaoh ants have been seen and are suspected. Once a thorough cleaning is complete, a Monmouth County, NJ pest control expert will be able to kill the entire colony.

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