I’ve Got Bed Bugs…Is It My Fault?

Many people who happen to become infested with bed bugs tend to isolate themselves from family and friends as they are fearful that they may transmit the horrible creatures to other people’s homes.  It is not uncommon for those who are suffering through an infestation to have relationship problems and difficulty at work as well.  Many people feel shame and embarrassment when they discover that the tiny bloodsucking bugs have invaded their living space.

Here are some things to remember about bed bugs

Bed bug infestations are commonly associated with a lack of sleep as people are often fearful of the nighttime attacks of the little vampires.  Stress from having to deal with the financial costs of eradicating the pests, living out of plastic bags, potentially losing belongings, dealing with the constant itching and irritation, and the constant cleaning associated with bed bug infestations can make a person feel like they are going nuts.  Some people even report the feeling of bed bugs crawling on their body long after the bugs are dead and gone!

Everyone should know that all of these feelings and reactions to a bed bug infestation are completely normal.  Despite what some people believe, bed bugs are not attracted to filth, nor do they transmit disease.  Bed bugs are hitchhikers which can be picked up anyplace that people frequent.  Even the cleanest home or the most expensive hotel may indeed have these bloodsucking pests lurking about and ready to hitch a ride to a new home.

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