Bed Bugs On Buses? Oh My!

Bed bugs have proven themselves to be masterful hitchhikers.  Creeping their way from town to town, house to house, even store to store is no trouble for these blood thirsty little critters.

Many people have heard of bed bugs in abundance in locations where people sleep such as hotels, motels, college dorms, youth hostels, and cruise ships.  All of these places are ones that you must keep a watchful eye out for the critters lest you bring them home with you in your luggage, purse, backpack, or even your electronics.

Other public places however are also hotspots for bed bug activity. reported on June 29, 2012 that many Detroit buses have creepy bed bugs crawling around.  According to reports, approximately 50 Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) drivers are claiming that they have seen bed bugs on their buses and that they have been under attack by the bloodsuckers themselves.  DDOT maintenance crews are now cleaning all buses that are infested with bed bugs.

Bed bugs can easily be hiding in the cracks and crevices of the seats on a bus.  Typically nocturnal feeds, a hungry bed bug will venture out during daytime hours searching for a blood meal.  Most people do not feel the bite of a bed bug, and about 50% of folks suffer from the red itchy welts that follow the attack.  Some reactions take up to 10 days to appear, so it can be difficult to determine just where your bed bug encounter occurred.

The important thing to remember is to be mindful of where you place your belongings when out in public report pest control professionals in Ocean County, NJ.  Stop by our website to find out more information about blood thirsty bed bugs.