NJ Fruit Fly Pest Control With Allison Pest Control

It’s that time of year when delicious summertime fruits and vegetables are available in full swing.  Peaches, plums, tomatoes, squash, melons, grapes, and bananas are all attractants for the small flies with red eyes that homeowners dread.  Fruit flies thrive in great numbers in homes, supermarkets, restaurants and other places where fruits and vegetables are in abundances claim pest control professionals in Ocean County, NJ.

Adult fruit flies grow to about 1/8 inch long with a tan front body and a rear black portion of the body.  They are on the constant hunt for fermenting foods or moist organic materials to feed and lay their eggs upon.

Fruit flies are not known to transmit disease so when the larvae is present, it is acceptable to cut away over-ripened areas which have been damaged.  Once fruit flies are present, they are very problematic no matter where their location.  It is not uncommon for fruit flies to lay about 500 eggs in a piece of fruit or vegetable which will take about 7 days for the eggs to reach adulthood.

You can help keep fruit flies in your home or business to a minimum by washing all fruit that is brought inside of the building.  It is also recommended that you call a licensed pest control professional in Ocean County, NJ for elimination of these flying pests.

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