Controlling Clover Mites Is Easy When You Hire A NJ Pest Control Pro

Clover mites are typically an outdoor pest, but will enter a home at times report New Jersey pest control professionals.  Clover mites mostly feed off of the sap that they suck from various cover, grass, and other types of plants.  During the fall months, clover mites can be found gathered on the sunny sides of homes seeking warmth in window sills, on walls, or on tree trunks.  Eventually the clover mites seek shelter under siding, shingles, soffits, and in the cracks and crevices of the foundation of any structure, etc.  They stay dormant during the cold weather, but a warm winter day can send these little red critters into a frenzy.  It is then that homeowners will experience clover mites entering their home in mass numbers.  They are not a danger to pets or humans as they do not bite or transmit diseases, but they are an annoyance by their massive numbers as well as the difficulty in getting them out of the home after they have made their entrance.

Measuring in at the size of a pin head, clover mites are considered to be tiny critters.  They are not insects; instead they are true mites with a red or reddish-brown colored body.  When you crush a clover mite they leave behind blood-red spots in their wake.

Because clover mites live and thrive outdoors, New Jersey pest control experts say that the best way to keep clover mites from entering your New Jersey home is by having a barrier treatment of the exterior of your home.  As soon as the weather turns from cold to warm, NJ pest control experts recommend treating for clover mites, as well as many other troublesome pests as they are becoming active once again and will soon be multiplying out-of-control.

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