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The Scoop on Clover Mites – What You Need to Know

Clover Mites
Clover Mites

Even though the seasons change, pest control companies in Freehold never get a break. Quite often, people think that once the colder temperatures set in, their pest control worries can be laid to rest until the spring. However, this is not true at all, and clover mites are typical of the many winter pests you face.

What are Clover Mites?

Clover mites are insects that feed on plants. They tend to migrate indoors when the colder weather comes, but they’re not able to reproduce inside. That’s good news for your infestation problem, but they can still enter your home in large numbers. They’re not hazardous to humans, but they can be a nuisance.

Reasons to Get Help for Clover Mites ASAP

Because of the mild winters we’ve been having, it’s important to get professional help for a clover mite infestation as soon as possible. Clover mites can easily become active again once the temperatures rise above freezing. When this occurs, they’ll start laying eggs, and even more of them may enter your home. Before you know it, you could have a clover mite infestation that’s out of control.

Fortunately, there are many pest control companies in Freehold that can help you if you have a clover mite problem. At Allison Pest Control, we’re considered to be among the best. Let us help you if clover mites are threatening to take over your space. Contact us!

Fall is Clover Mite Season – How to Keep These Red Buggers Out

About The Mites
Clover Mites

While clover mites are not necessarily harmful to humans or pets, they can be a nuisance, especially when you smash them, which results in a stain.

Keeping mites out of your home is best done in two parts – cover prevention and miticide.

Around Your Home

Clover mites generally need grass or other types of ground cover to move around easily. The presence of bare soil against the exterior of your home, at a width of about 2 feet, can prevent most mites from getting near your home. This barrier can be planted with flowers or other ornamental plant varieties in order to keep an aesthetically pleasing look, but just be sure to keep everything neatly trimmed.

Calling an Expert Tom’s River Exterminator

A Tom’s River exterminator can spray around the exterior of your home, usually during the fall, to keep mites at bay for another year. Interior sprays usually don’t work very well, which means the best solution for mites you find indoors can sometimes be to just let them meet a fly swatter. Use a damp paper towel to clean up the ensuing splat it leaves behind.

If you think you have clover mites in your home, give us a call at 1-800-564-4585 to talk to one of our pest control experts. We founded our Tom’s River exterminator service in 1917 and we’re happy to put our century of experience to work for you.

Brace Yourself for a Clover Mite Invasion in New Jersey

About The Mites
Mite Season

Tiny reddish-brown bugs known as clover mites can be a common sight in and around households in New Jersey during fall. These little pests don’t bite or cause damage, but they can leave red stains behind when you crush them.

Clover mites get their name from their diet, which mainly consists of clover and grasses. While they spend a lot of time feeding, they can also be seen crawling on the exteriors of homes. These pests can get into your home through crevices and cracks around doors and windows, although they don’t live long once they’re indoors.

Keep in mind that they can invade your home in fairly large numbers, though. You can help prevent clover mites from entering your home by having plant beds or hard surfaces near the foundation rather than grass. Mites are more likely to get into homes when lawns extend right up to the foundation.

If you do see clover mites around, you can get rid of them using soapy water, but this can be difficult to do. Since the mites leave stains from their body pigments, it’s important to wipe them away carefully instead of crushing them. Clearing them out this way won’t prevent them from coming into your home again, though.

If you’ve seen clover mites around your home, our Freehold exterminators can help. Contact Allison Pest Control for fast, effective help getting rid of these bugs.

Controlling Clover Mites Is Easy When You Hire A NJ Pest Control Pro

Clover mites are typically an outdoor pest, but will enter a home at times report New Jersey pest control professionals.  Clover mites mostly feed off of the sap that they suck from various cover, grass, and other types of plants.  During the fall months, clover mites can be found gathered on the sunny sides of homes seeking warmth in window sills, on walls, or on tree trunks.  Eventually the clover mites seek shelter under siding, shingles, soffits, and in the cracks and crevices of the foundation of any structure, etc.  They stay dormant during the cold weather, but a warm winter day can send these little red critters into a frenzy.  It is then that homeowners will experience clover mites entering their home in mass numbers.  They are not a danger to pets or humans as they do not bite or transmit diseases, but they are an annoyance by their massive numbers as well as the difficulty in getting them out of the home after they have made their entrance.

Measuring in at the size of a pin head, clover mites are considered to be tiny critters.  They are not insects; instead they are true mites with a red or reddish-brown colored body.  When you crush a clover mite they leave behind blood-red spots in their wake.

Because clover mites live and thrive outdoors, New Jersey pest control experts say that the best way to keep clover mites from entering your New Jersey home is by having a barrier treatment of the exterior of your home.  As soon as the weather turns from cold to warm, NJ pest control experts recommend treating for clover mites, as well as many other troublesome pests as they are becoming active once again and will soon be multiplying out-of-control.

Contact Allison Pest Control for help with all of your exterior and interior pest control issues.  We provide expert pest control services to residents and businesses in Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex counties in New Jersey.