Keep Those Fleas Off Me!

You can spend your time and money dutifully keeping up with your pet’s flea prevention program only to realize that fleas can still sneak their way into your home say New Jersey pest control professionals.  Hitching a ride on your pet as they make a quick trip outdoors or even using humans as a transportation vehicle into the inside world is not uncommon.  Unlike other types of household pests, fleas are a year-round annoyance. Once fleas enter your home it is important to take action to get rid of them. You can vacuum, spray, and shampoo your pet, but once fleas begin their breeding cycle in your home, you will need the help of a licensed NJ pest control expert to end the bloodsucking and itching in your home.

Fleas are a dreaded pest for any homeowner with or without pets.  Like other types of bloodsucking pests, fleas must receive a blood meal in order to reach the next life stage.  Fleas are very difficult to control.  The “cat flea” is the most common flea that is found in the United States.  It is not a picky about what type of blood it feeds upon so any warm blooded mammal is fair game to this hungry critter.  Although rare, the cat flea has been known to carry murine typhus and the plague.  For pets, cat fleas can be dangerous if they ingest the fleas during the scratching process.  Once ingested, cat fleas can cause tape worms and make any animal very ill.

Cat fleas will multiply out of control in your home in no time at all.  A female flea can lay up to 40 eggs every single day.  Eggs are tiny and difficult to see as they are well hidden in the fibers of carpets, human bedding material, pet bedding, and in soft furniture.  An active flea infestation can be controlled by calling a licensed NJ pest control professional like Allison Pest Control.