Stink Bugs Are Still A Menacing Pest In New Jersey

New Jersey pest control professionals are certain that before long the brown marmorated stink bug will unfortunately be returning to the homes and businesses throughout New Jersey.  As the cooler fall temperature arrive, stink bugs will make their way from vegetation areas to structures trying to find a warm spot to hibernate for the winter months.  Stink bugs will sneak into small cracks or crevices to make their way indoors, so it’s important to seal gaps around windows and doors.  Attics provide amble space for large stink bug populations, so it’s important to have screened vents on any attic openings. 

Stink bugs will also work their way under siding and overwinter against your house underneath insulation. Stink bugs have caused millions of dollars in damage to vegetable and fruit crops in 33 different states.  They feast on soybeans, tomatoes, apples, peaches, corn, beans, pear, cherry, mulberry, raspberries, grapes, and persimmons.  They are considered a significant agricultural pest because they pierce fruit and stems leaving scared fruits and vegetables in their wake.

The brown marmorated stink bug is non-native to the United States.  As such, it has not had any known predators and has been able to reproduce with great ease since its accidental introduction in Allentown, Pennsylvania in the 1990’s.  According to the University of Maryland, there could be some hope on the horizon in the fight against stink bugs.  The discovery of another non-native insect on US soil could help bring the stink bug population under control.

According to reports, The Chinese Mantis originates from China and Japan and was first discovered in America in 1897.  Dr. Michael Raupp, Professor of Entomology recently discovered a fantastic Chinese Praying Mantis at his Maryland home.  He soon decided to unite the Mantis with a bush filled with the brown marmorated stink bugs.  The meeting of the two was delightful for the Mantis as it feasted on 12 ½ stink bugs before calling it quits!

You may read the article and watch a video of a Chinese Praying Mantis gobbling up a delicious stink bug!

All species of Praying Mantises are beneficial creatures as they eat unwanted insects.  Stink bugs are menaces. New Jersey pest control professionals can help keep stink bug populations under control at your home or business by providing a barrier treatment of the perimeter of your structure.