Lady Bug, Lady Bug…Oh So Many Lady Bugs! Part II Of II

Continuing from Monday…

Even though ladybugs as a whole are considered to be a beneficial insect, there are two types of ladybugs that will cause serious damage to your landscaping and vegetation.  The Mexican bean beetle and the squash beetle are both pests that you want to avoid.  The Mexican bean beetle is easy to spot as it has an orange body with eight distinct spots on each wing cover.  The squash beetle is also orange, and has seven spots over each wing.  The larvae of these two types of ladybugs are equally as damaging as the adult insect.  They will chomp their way through a variety of plant substances.  The Asian lady beetle can be very problematic if it invades the interior of your home.  These nuisance bugs can ruin carpets, rugs and furniture with their secretions.

You will find ladybugs gathering around doorways, windows, screens, and vents this time of year.  They will climb your exterior walls by the hundreds, looking for a way to gain entrance.  New Jersey residents are wondering why these tiny creatures are suddenly making their presence known.  The simple fact is that like many other types of insects, ladybugs are looking for a warm spot to spend the winter.  The good news is that ladybugs, don’t nest inside of your home, nor do they contaminate food supplies like other types of household pests…ie, cockroaches.  Ladybugs don’t suck your blood, like the dreaded bed bug does either.  They are however annoying when you have bunches of them hanging out on walls, ceilings, curtains, or flying from place to place.

Although most ladybug species are beneficial insects to have in your garden area, once their yearly invasion into the homes of New Jersey residents begin, it can be a difficult one to deal with. Allison Pest Control can stop the ladybug brigade from overwintering in your attic, under siding, and wall void of your New Jersey home or businesses.  We will happily provide professional pest control treatment to the exterior perimeter of your structure so that these little speckled beetles can’t gain entry.  Give us a call today.