Stink Bugs Are Not Welcome In New Jersey Part II Of II

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Stink bug babies don’t look much like adult stink bugs.  The eggs of the stink bug hatch in August.  Young stink bugs are tiny oval nymphs that are orange and black colored.  They soon morph into a mini version of the adult stink bug.  When stink bugs are young, they are at their most vulnerable state as they have not built up any resistance to pesticides, as it appears the adults have done.

Because stink bugs are not native to America, they don’t seem to have any natural predators.  These alien bugs not only stink, they probably taste bad as well, so birds have stayed clear of stink bugs.  Without any predators, since their arrival, stink bugs have continued to multiply unchecked.

Stink bugs on the exterior of your home is a concern. These stinky pests are trying to find an easy way into your New Jersey home via windows, doors, vents, cracks, or crevices.  As the weather begins to turn to cooler fall temperatures, stinks bugs will instinctively seek out the warmth that your interior brings.  Once indoors they will hang out inside of wall voids or attics until the warmth of spring arrives once again.  Garages and sheds are also common places where stink bugs like to hang their hat.  If you have seen stink bugs basking in the sunshine on the walls of your Monmouth, Ocean or Middlesex County home, there is a good chance that you have a stink bug infestation on your hands.

These foreign invaders have also proven to be resistant to many different types of household pesticides.  You should never spray any type of pesticide into wall voids or attics.  Dead insects will attract other problem bugs into your home like carpet beetles and ants.

September is the perfect time to contact Allison Pest Control about your exterior stink bugs.  Setting up a protective perimeter around your New Jersey home before stink bugs have moved inside for the winter is crucial in controlling stink bug populations.

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