Are You Having Trouble With Earwigs In New Jersey?

Coming across an earwig infestation can be unsetting for any New Jersey resident.  Their scary looking prongs at the end of their abdomen are enough to send anyone running for the hills.  The name “earwigs” is basically derived from an old wives tale.  It was once said that earwigs would crawl into your ears while you were sleeping and eat your brain! They were definitely a feared household pest in years past.  Now we know that earwigs don’t actually eat human brains.  Earwigs however can bite humans, and their bite can be a bit painful.  They do not exude any poison, though the earwig’s jaws (forceps) are very strong and the pinch will make you jump if you are unfortunate enough to be bitten by one of these pests.

Earwigs are attracted to the moist areas around New Jersey homes and businesses.  These insects will grow to about 5/8 inch long and are dark reddish-brown with light brown legs.  Earwigs are scavengers and will eat decomposing plant materials and dead insects.  They will also eat live plants and can easily damage field crops and garden plants.  You will find earwig infestations in mulch, leaf litter, pine straw and other moist outdoor areas.  These pests will enter homes and businesses by crawling up exterior walls and entering through window cracks, foundation crevices, or gaps in doorways.  Earwigs tend to live in the same type of habitat as other types of nuisance pests.  Look for earwigs if you also have sow bugs, millipedes, and centipedes too.

Earwigs prefer to establish their colonies outdoors, but will come inside your home on occasion.  The key to keeping earwig infestations under control is disrupting their migration by hiring a pest control specialist like Allison Pest Control.  We have been providing expert pest control services to homes and businesses in Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey since 1917.  Give us a call today for all of your pest control needs.

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