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  • Climate Change and Wasp Colonies, What’s the Connection?

    Wasps are one of the most feared stinging insects that come out during the summer months. Since they normally hibernate during the cold seasons, what does climate change mean for these pests? Can we expect to have more of them around? Invading New Territory Climate change is having an impact on wasps in a couple […]

  • If You Think They’re Gone, You Would Be Wrong…Stink Bugs

    It’s hard to believe that the brown marmorated stink bug first invaded the US fifteen years ago.  Since then, scientists have worked to find a solution to the pest that has been nibbling its way from coast to coast, and then traveling west.  The brown marmorated stink bug has been spotted in 33 different states […]

  • The Never Ending Battle With NJ Fleas Part 2 Of 2

    Continuing from Friday… Fleas do not fly, but they are excellent jumpers.  They are known to jump 13 inches vertically and 7 inches horizontally.  Converting that to human terms, it is the equivalent of a human jumping 450 feet horizontally and 250 vertically.  Fleas have a limited sense of smell so they must rely on […]

  • The Never Ending Battle With NJ Fleas Part 1 Of 2

    There are many types of insects that feed upon the blood of humans and animals.  One such bug is the flea.  If these pests happen to enter your home, they make eradication of the bloodsuckers extremely difficult report Monmouth County, NJ exterminators. As many people have been returning from their summertime vacations they have been surprised […]

  • How To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Home During The Summertime Part 2 Of 2

    Continuing from Friday… The American cockroaches will invade dwellings through cracks and crevices as well. They have become quite adaptable to human environments. American cockroaches will consume all types of food that humans eat. The lack of a food source is not a problem as the American cockroach will consume hair, dander, toothpaste, soap, pet […]

  • How To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Home During The Summertime Part 1 Of 2

    Once the air temperature reaches a steady rate of 84 degrees, cockroaches are fast at work both indoors and out report Monmouth County, NJ exterminator professionals. Cockroaches have proven to be very adaptable in all sorts of environments. Even with the multitude of pesticides that are available on the market today, cockroaches will never be fully […]