The Never Ending Battle With NJ Fleas Part 1 Of 2

There are many types of insects that feed upon the blood of humans and animals.  One such bug is the flea.  If these pests happen to enter your home, they make eradication of the bloodsuckers extremely difficult report Monmouth County, NJ exterminators.

As many people have been returning from their summertime vacations they have been surprised to find that the interior of their homes are overrun with fleas once they have arrived back home.  A blissful night sleep in their own bed if often met with intense itching and scratching, sometimes even when pets have not been in the home.  Many wonder what could be devouring their blood.  Did they bring home bed bugs?  Did mosquitos come out of hiding or is there a more sinister creature lurking, just waiting to strike?

Homes with or without pests can be subject to a flea infestation as these insects are hitchhiking types of bugs.  Visiting a friend’s home that has fleas or performing typical tasks in the yard can bring in the tiny creatures as the pests can easily travel undetected.  The most common flea that causes problems in the United States is the cat flea.  Despite its name, the cat flea will attack dogs, humans, and other four legged wild animals as well.

There are over 1,600 different flea species throughout the world.  In the United States, there are a few hundred different types of flea species.  Most of the flea species tend to stick to attacking one type of host.  For example, the rabbit flea attacks rabbits, etc.

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