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  • Watch Out: The Black Carpenter Ant is Just Starting to Become Active

    If you see a large ant or two in your home, is it time to look for Ocean County pest control services? These big black ants are known as carpenter ants, and they could mean trouble for your home. Wood Damage Carpenter ants don’t feed on wood like termites do, but they can still cause […]

  • I Know Flying Carpenter Ants Are Not Termites, But Should I Still Be Concerned?

    Termites are one of the top reasons for homeowners to call pest control companies in New Jersey, but in some cases, these pests turn out to be carpenter ants instead. Carpenter ants and termites have several characteristics in common, so it’s easy to confuse the two. If you end up with carpenter ants instead of […]

  • Why Should I Be Worried About Carpenter Ants?

    Carpenter ants are common pests that show up in NJ homes. These wood-chewing ants are a big problem for homeowners, but not as damaging as termites. If you see these large ants in your home, it’s important to get in touch with your pest control company in Freehold as soon as possible. Carpenter Ant Damage […]

  • Carpenter Ants, How to Identify if You Have a Problem

    Termites aren’t the only pests that can cause structural damage to your home. You also have to worry about carpenter ants. The sooner you stop these pests, the better your chances are of preventing major damage to your home. But how do you know if you need Monmouth County carpenter ant control? Here’s how to […]

  • Preventing Springtime Pests in NJ

    With warmer temperatures on the way, NJ residents will soon be seeing all kinds of springtime pests. These bugs come out of hiding and look for food or places to build their nests for spring and summer. It’s important to know which pests are most likely to invade your home this spring, so you can […]

  • Three Interesting Facts About Carpenter Ants

    We see them all the time skittering over countertops, walls, and across patios and driveways. Just about any place there is available food, water, or areas for tunneling or building nests, you’ll find ants. What type of ant you’re seeing is the question. There are brown, black, red and yellow ant species ranging in various […]