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Penn State ID’s Parasite Carried by Bed Bugs

We are Monmouth County's Bed Bug Specialists!
We are Monmouth County’s Bed Bug Specialists!

Bed bugs are known for their bites, which cause redness and itching in many people. However, they could cause much more serious problems for some people. Researchers at Penn State have learned that bed bugs are linked to the potentially deadly Chagas disease. That gives you one more reason to call our Mommouth County pest control company for help if you have these pests.

Chagas Disease

Chagas disease is a serious illness that mainly occurs in Latin American countries. However, this disease has been seen in the US in recent years. Chagas disease is usually spread by the kissing bug, a cousin to bed bugs. The kissing bug deposits contaminated feces after feeding on people, which can lead to an infection. Tiny parasites are responsible for causing these infections, and researchers have discovered that bed bugs might be able to transmit these parasites too.

Deadly Parasites

The parasites that cause Chagas disease have been found in some bed bugs that feed on infected hosts. Researchers tested this with mice and found that bed bugs were able to transmit these parasites, although they’re not sure how much of a threat this is in the US at this time. More research into this is needed.

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How Long Have You Had This Bed Bug Problem? How Professionals Know

How Long Have You Had This Bed Bug Problem? How Professionals Know.
How Long Have You Had This Bed Bug Problem? How Professionals Know.

Finding out you have bed bugs usually comes as a pretty big shock. Some victims want to know how long they’ve had them because there may be some satisfaction in knowing (or suspecting) how they came to be infested. You may be wondering the same thing, too, if you’ve recently discovered an infestation in your home.

Bed Bug Infestations and Determining Their Ages

Unfortunately, for larger bed bug infestations, the best exterminator in Brielle isn’t always going to be able to determine their ages. This is usually due to a number of different factors, such as:

• Whether or not the area has ever been treated before

• If a technician missed a spot during previous treatments

• The number of new bed bug introductions that have taken place

• How often individual bed bugs are feeding

For smaller infestations, it’s much easier to determine their ages because professionals can look at how many bugs are present, the number of eggs, and the various stages of life that are there.

Getting the Proper Treatment Regardless of Age

If you have a bed bug infestation at your home, the most important thing you can do is to get treatment as quickly as possible. As the best exterminator in Brielle, we can do a thorough inspection and provide you with the best treatment options for your home. If you would like to know more, or schedule an inspection, please contact us!

Why Are Bed Bugs So Hard to Control?

Why Are Bed Bugs So Hard to Control?
Why Are Bed Bugs So Hard to Control?

No one wants the bed bugs to bite, but these pests have earned a solid reputation for being hard to get rid of. Our Tom’s River pest control company wants you to understand why bed bugs are so difficult to defeat.

They’re Tiny

Bed bugs are tiny enough to slip into the smallest spaces, including loose wallpaper edges and light switch plates. This makes them harder to find, which is necessary in order to completely eliminate them from your home. Keep in mind that they can be anywhere in your home, not just in your bedroom.

They Multiply Rapidly

Bed bugs are able to reproduce at rapid rates. One female is capable of laying up to 500 eggs throughout her life. All of those offspring that she produces are able to start reproducing within just a few months. That leads to large numbers of bed bugs in your home very quickly.

They Adapt

Bed bugs are able to resist certain kinds of pesticides, which has made these products ineffective. They also learn to avoid areas where pesticides have been used, and they’re able to go a long time without having to feed, which means they can stay hidden away safely.

If bed bugs have invaded your home, please contact our Tom’s River pest control company for help. Allison Pest Control has effective ways to get rid of those pests and prevent them from coming back.

Bed Bugs Stay Where They Smell Other Bed Bugs

Make Sure Your Bedbugs Don't Come Back!
Make Sure Your Bedbugs Don’t Come Back!

All it takes is a few bed bugs finding a cozy place to make their home and you could easily end up with an infestation on your hands. Allison Pest Control in NJ has seen this situation play out many times, usually resulting in your family members waking up with bites all over their exposed skin and having to dispose of bedding.

Shed Skin is a Strong Attractant

Researchers found that bed bugs are attracted to the shed skin of other bed bugs. This means that it only takes a very small “pioneer” population to attract more bed bugs to the area. Even after you use commercially available insecticides, the molted skins and carcasses will still attract bed bugs.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

It takes the work of a professional bed bug extermination expert to get rid of these insects completely. Killing the ones that are present is only a part of the solution since you want to avoid having them reappear at a later time. Our team at Allison Pest Control can go through your home and eliminate bed bugs that are causing you a problem now, and set up chemical barriers to prevent their return.

For more about how Allison Pest Control in NJ can help you take care of your bed bug problem, please give us a call at 1-800-564-4585. Or you can visit us on our website at AllisonPest.com.

List of Worst Bed Bug Cities Targets Midwest

Midwestern cities dominated this year’s list of Top 50 Worst Bed Bug Cities in the U.S. Led by Chicago, repeating at No. 1, cities in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana captured seven of the top 10 spots on Orkin’s annual list of bed bug trouble spots. While neighboring states were represented, not a single New Jersey city made this year’s list of worst bed bug cities.


While Monmouth County and Ocean County residents can breathe a little easier, it doesn’t mean you can stop being vigilant about bed bugs. Periodic bed bug infestations continue to crop up in New Jersey and the risk of bringing them home from a hotel stay in another city is high. Scientists believe that bed bugs originated in the Middle East as bat parasites that adapted to feeding on cave-dwellers. As man traveled across the continents, he took bed bugs with him.

Travel continues to be a major path for the spread of bed bug infestations. Researchers have tracked the initial spread of bed bugs across the U.S. to hotel rooms and travelers’ luggage. Not surprisingly, every major airline hub is represented on this year’s list of worst bed bug cities.

The Top 20 bed bug trouble spots are:

1. Chicago

2. Los Angeles

3. Columbus, OH

4. Detroit

5. Cincinnati, OH

6. Cleveland/Akron/Canton, OH

7. Dayton, OH

8. Washington D.C.

9. Denver

10. Indianapolis

11. Richmond/Petersburg, VA

12. Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville, NC

13. Dallas/Ft. Worth

14. Syracuse, NY

15. Atlanta

16. Houston

17. New York City

18. Seattle/Tacoma

19. San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose

20. Boston

If you bring bed bugs home from your travels, call the expert bed bug exterminators NJ at Allison Pest Control for fast, effective extermination.

Bed Bugs Love a Crowd

Bed bugs apparently love a crowd. A new study by North Carolina State University researchers shows that bed bugs develop faster when they live in large groups. The same quick-growth phenomenon has been observed in large populations of cockroaches, crickets and grasshoppers; but this is the first study to explore the impact group living has on bed bug growth cycles.

North Carolina researchers found that groups of bed bug nymphs (immature bed bugs) develop 2.2 days or 7.3% faster than solitary nymphs. The study also found that accelerated development occurred whether or not adult bed bugs were present. “The observations that adults do not appear to contribute to nymph development suggests that eggs can survive and found new infestations without any adults,” lead researcher Dr. Coby Schal told Science Daily.

The study sheds new light on the rapid growth of bed bug infestations that contributes to the challenge of exterminating these pests. Researchers will next be examining the group behavior of these insects, searching for the sensory cues that trigger more rapid growth rates. By learning more about bed bug behavior, researchers how to discover new ways to control and exterminate these blood-feeding pests.

At the recent Global Bed Bug Summit in Denver, Colorado, pest management professionals agreed that bed bugs are the No. 1 pest problem in America and the most difficult pest to exterminate. Experienced bed bug exterminators NJ like Allison Pest Control have learned there are two keys to successful bed bug extermination:

1. Thorough preparation prior to treatment is essential to the overall success and speed of extermination of bed bug problems.

2. Complete bed bug extermination requires three to five treatments spaced about one week apart to ensure that well hidden and newly hatching bed bugs are exterminated.