Bed Bugs Stay Where They Smell Other Bed Bugs

Make Sure Your Bedbugs Don't Come Back!
Make Sure Your Bedbugs Don’t Come Back!

All it takes is a few bed bugs finding a cozy place to make their home and you could easily end up with an infestation on your hands. Allison Pest Control in NJ has seen this situation play out many times, usually resulting in your family members waking up with bites all over their exposed skin and having to dispose of bedding.

Shed Skin is a Strong Attractant

Researchers found that bed bugs are attracted to the shed skin of other bed bugs. This means that it only takes a very small “pioneer” population to attract more bed bugs to the area. Even after you use commercially available insecticides, the molted skins and carcasses will still attract bed bugs.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

It takes the work of a professional bed bug extermination expert to get rid of these insects completely. Killing the ones that are present is only a part of the solution since you want to avoid having them reappear at a later time. Our team at Allison Pest Control can go through your home and eliminate bed bugs that are causing you a problem now, and set up chemical barriers to prevent their return.

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